A fourth-generation spirit medium, Rev. Laura Lynn has been trained and certified in multiple areas of metaphysics and spirituality. She is an ordained metaphysical minister and holds her B.A. in Religious and Metaphysical Science. Rev. Laura Lynn is also a certified intuitive, spirit medium, teacher and spiritual healer.

Through the guidance and instruction of her highly trained and educated mentor, her cousin, Rev. Dr. Mary Linn Clarke, she was able to begin her journey of education in metaphysics. She continued this education and grew further in her development with the aide of Rev. Dr. Karen Brooks and the College of Inner Awareness, Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies. Rev. Laura Lynn is now an instructor for the college while continuing an education toward her Master’s Degree.

During her readings, she uses her intuitive abilities to help guide clients towards the highest and best paths to take in their daily life matters such as family, love, work and health. Rev. Laura Lynn is also able to channel loved ones who have crossed over with the help of her guides and teachers on the other side of life. The communication is validated with messages from spirit to prove the continuity of life after death. The goal of each reading is to bring healing and peace to every soul that is present. 

Rev. Laura Lynn’s ultimate purpose in this life is to spread messages of inspiration, love and light to help others achieve only the highest and best in their life journeys. She is eternally grateful to be able to share her gifts with the world and serve spirit.