Hello everyone!!
Starting this September, when I return from my three week vacation, I will be starting to implement some new changes in my scheduling times as well as prices. As many of you know, I hold my standards regarding metaphysical ethics very highly. Spirit readings should only be done every 4 to 6 months to allow life to change and take it’s course. Communication with spirit is sacred and requires a lot of energy. Getting reoccurring readings too closely together can result in repeated information and a less exciting reading. I have found over my years of doing readings that my shorter time slots always tend to run over time because there is so much information to give. It results in a rushed reading as well as a delay for the next client. Because of these reasons, as well as time, demand and some personal life changes for me as well, I will only offer full one hour sessions for $125 starting in September. This allows plenty of time for spirit to come into the reading, be validated with evidential mediumship, and receive beautiful life guidance and direction psychically as well. After the hour, the client can leave the reading feeling satisfied, complete and enlightened.

(**On a side note, I will still except previously purchased half hour gift certificate readings through December 2018. If they need to be used after that time, it will be put toward the cost of a full reading**)

Also, my reading parties are put on hold for now and I will not be scheduling any more until further notice. If you would like to be put on a waiting list in the event that I begin them again in the Fall, please let me know by sending me a message below.

Finally, my E-Tarot Readings will also see some exciting changes with pricing and options in September!!
A quicker 3 card spread (past, present, future) with focus point (general life, love, work, etc.) and full message from me, will be offered for $30 – and a more in depth 10 card spread will be offered for $50.

My readings are meant to be healing, positive and uplifting. I only want to provide my clients with the highest and best in their life. Any of you that have had readings with me know that I am completely truthful and honest in my life‘s purpose as a medium.

I appreciate your patience and understanding in making these changes, my business is growing and my life is changing so quickly!! Your continued support over the years has been a true blessing… thank you from the depths of my heart and soul.

As always, sending you all much love and light!!!
~Rev. Laura Lynn~

 ~ Private Readings ~ 

“I have gone to many mediums. However, this was the best experience I ever had. Laura Lynn confirmed my family’s past history, in which no one would know. She gave information for my future, which I am looking forward to enjoying and 
I am looking forward to seeing her again.”  – Ann W. 

  • Readings can be scheduled in-person at my office location: 4735 Southwestern Blvd. Suite 102 in Hamburg, NY – or – they can be done over-the-phone.
  • Due to liability issues, clients must be 18 years or older to schedule.                      
  • Readings may only be done individually with the person being read so that personal energy and spirit vibrations do not cross. In addition, a reading is a very personal and unique experience that is meant just for YOU, and no one else. You may record the reading or take notes, but only the person being read is allowed to come to the reading.
  • Also, please DO NOT SCHEDULE A READING FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Rather, purchase a gift certificate so that they may schedule when they are ready and aware of their appointment. 
  • Finally, please come in to your reading in a positive mood and with an open mind, body and soul to receive the highest and best from your experience!!

*At this time, my schedule for private readings is FULL for the remainder of the Summer 2018.* 

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for September appointments (or if a cancellation occurs sooner) please email me at: with the subject line: “WAITING LIST”. I will be in contact with you ASAP to place get the information needed to place you on the list.

Please remember, you can still order an E-Tarot Reading (see below for details) at any time if you needed guidance sooner.

~ Reading Payment Options ~  

1/2 hour reading= $60  

Half Hour Reading

30 minute in-person or over-the-phone reading with Psychic Medium Laura Lynn


1 hour reading= $100  

One Hour Reading

60 minute in-person or over-the-phone reading with Psychic Medium Laura Lynn




By booking a reading you agree to the following terms and conditions: I, Rev. Laura Lynn, will connect with the world of Spirit and will also gain insight using my psychic awareness. The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons we have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. My services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert. Must be 18 years or older to have a reading.


*Scheduling Policy: Readings are a beautiful experience and can be life changing. During your reading, Spirit gives enough information to guide you for at least 4-6 months in your life. For this reason, readings may only be scheduled this far apart as well. Following Metaphysical Ethics and Guidelines is very important when channeling the astral world. The overuse of spirit guidance can end up blocking communications and lead to an unsuccessful communication.

~ E-Tarot Card Reading ~


“Spot. On. It’s exactly how I’ve been feeling and somehow needed affirmation I have been heading in the right direction!” – Dena T. 

“Wow! So good! Everything makes sense!” – Leigh D.  

  • An E-Tarot reading provides a ten-card tarot spread using the Unicorn Deck. Your reading is channeled by Rev. Laura Lynn for you specifically in order to provide general life guidance on what is occurring, what needs to change or what could be affecting you in your current life situation or recent past. 
  • The E-Tarot Reading will be sent to you through email within 1-3 days after payment has been received on Venmo or PayPal
  • *Please note, this is a general life spread which the client interprets the cards intuitively in regards to what’s currently taking place in their life. Laura Lynn will provide a short message included with the E-Tarot reading regarding her intuitive feelings towards your personal spread.  In order to have direct questions answered or communicate with spirit, a private reading will need to be scheduled.*
  • Limit one E-Tarot Reading per person per week. 

COST = $30.00


E-Tarot Reading



 ~ Mediumship Development Classes ~

  • Virtual Online or In-Person Classes offered with the College of Inner Awareness, Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies. (
  • Develop as an intuitive or medium at your own pace and an affordable rate.
  • For more information on classes click on the Events/Classes Tab
  • You may take classes for credits towards mediumship or intuitive certifications from the college, college credits/CEU’s or for self-knowledge/personal interest. 

~ Absent/Distant Healing ~

Use the contact form below to send the information of someone in need of healing.

Please send their first/last name, the city/state they live in and if the healing is needed mentally, physically or both.

A healing, positive energy meditation will be dedicated and sent to your loved one through the love, light and assistance of Laura Lynn’s doctors on the other side of life.


(Love Donations via PayPal Accepted and Appreciated)

~ Weddings ~

  • Non-Denominational Love and Light Wedding Ceremonies available in the following cities and surrounding areas:
    • Buffalo, NY
    • Rochester, NY
    • Pittsburg, PA
    • Erie, PA
    • Youngstown, OH
    • Cleveland, OH


*Gift Certificates Available*

~ A reading can be a beautiful and unique gift for someone you love! ~

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please use the PayPal links below to purchase the session(s). Then scroll down to fill out the information form (below) and specify ‘Gift Certificate’ in the comment section. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours with more information. ~


Gift Certificate Half Hour Reading



Gift Certificate One Hour Reading


If you have any questions or need to contact Rev. Laura Lynn for more information, please fill out the contact form below: