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Please use the tabs above to learn more about me, check out my events/classes coming up or use the services tab to schedule a reading, order an E-Tarot or to get more information on what I services I offer!! I truly believe everything happens for a reason and you have been divinely guided to my site. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

Check out some of my client testimonials and links to great meditation music below!

Thanks for visiting and as always, sending much love and light.

~Rev. Laura Lynn~

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“One of the warmest, kind-hearted and beautiful people I’ve ever met!! I’ve had two readings with Laura and both times I’ve felt so at peace and content afterwards! A good friend of mine actually recommended me to talk to Laura, because she had such an amazing experience when she had her reading with her that I knew I wanted to talk to her as well. She was so spot on with the things going on in my life that it basically gave me reassurance that I’m going in the right direction. I absolutely recommend a reading with her, whether it be a life or spirit reading. You’ll feel at peace at the end and she’s such a bright positive light that even if you need someone to just talk to about anything, she’s there for you and will make you feel more at ease. Thank you for everything Laura, you’re a beautiful soul and I look forward to more readings in the future!!       -Rachel D. 


“My experience with Laura Lynn was nothing short of life changing. I have had two readings with her and plan on more! The first reading she connected with my father who passed 5 years ago and I am just unable to be okay with his passing. She knew things that nobody could know as well as providing me with some guidance about certain life scenarios with love and my career. The second time we spoke it was a time where I just needed to hear from my father I have been going through a very stressful time and I was finding myself crying day in and day out about his passing just unable to recover. During our last reading he came in strong and basically informed me that he knew all about my struggles and HE IS HERE. I’m happy to say since our last reading I have so much more peace about his passing knowing he is with me in more ways than one and to pay attention to signs which I receive on a daily basis. Thanks to Laura, I have not cried one time since our last reading about his passing (but I also can’t wait to talk to him again):). She is nothing but kind and compassionate and you can tell she really enjoys what she does! Thank you for changing my view on EVERYTHING!
❤ your forever client             – Sydney J. 


“I can’t put into words what a gift Laura is. I was a little skeptical at first, but she completely blew my mind. Laura told me things that no one else knew except me. I lost both of my grandparents a few years ago. It was deviating as we are a very close knit Italian family. Laura was able to connect me with both of them. Now I am able to pick up on the little signs they send me to let me know they are with me, and that has helped me cope with the loss. Laura also told me saw a big change coming in my relationship. Well she was 100% correct! My boyfriend proposed to me shortly after and we are getting married in a few short months. Laura was also able to connect me with a boyfriend who passed away and our baby who I lost. It is so comforting to know that they are with each other and watching over me. Seriously, if you are ever stressed out, or trying to figure out the right decision, or simply know that loved ones are with you, Laura should be your go to! She has an amazing gift. She has such amazing energy and truly connects with her clients! I highly recommend her! LAURA IS TRULY ONE OF A KIND AMAZINGNESS!”             – Gia P. 


“I can’t thank you enough for the messages you gave me this year. I will never forget when you were sitting in front of me and turned around and wanted to know who Shari was because you had a message for me from my Grandmother who passed over 20 years ago. What you told me brought tears to my eyes and did my heart good. It was a message I always hoped for. It put me at peace. You amazed me, and others I know. Thank you and best of luck. Sending my love!”                  – Sharon M. 


“Thanks for the heart warming reading. It was amazing!!!”        – Susan M. 

“I was first turned on to Laura Lynn through a close friend. I’m naturally a little skeptical of all mediums, so I tend to seek out readings with people who’ve “proven” themselves with trusted sources. My friend was raving about her reading and I decided to seek one for myself. Laura Lynn conducted my reading via telephone. She was warm and inviting. I immediately felt at ease speaking with her. Within five minutes of the reading, Laura Lynn asked about the subject which had been weighing heavily on my mind. She described the person, both physically and in personality, to whom was the center of my issue. There is absolutely no way she could have known about this person before hand. The details she revealed frankly gave me goosebumps. I can’t properly describe it but I can attest, Laura Lynn has a gift. I know I’ll be seeking out future readings with Laura Lynn. There are people who claim to have this sixth sense and play on people’s emotions for their own benefit. It’s makes it difficult for the true mediums to be believed. I am a natural skeptic in everything. I can state though Laura Lynn is truly a gifted medium.”                                                                                                                                    – Marisa A.


“Laura is a gift. She got me in for a reading very quickly and as she spoke to me I felt like she knew me! There was so many things that she understood about me and my life. she also connected with family members that have passed and although at the time of the reading I didn’t know if she was right or wrong (family members I didnt know every well that came through that shared a name) after checking into it, Laura was right. But most importantly she connected with my brother that passed and was so right on his personality and she she told me messages about a party we just had for him. I was floored! How would she know that unless the message came from My brother? She is just amazing. I would tell anyone to talk to Laura. She gives you a feeling of peace and comfort.”       -Erin C.


“Laura’s energy was the same as I remembered it and instantly felt comfortable and relaxed. The very first thing Laura picked up on was a recent argument that I had at work only a few days prior. She gave me great insight as to why the disagreement happened and also how to proceed and navigate the situation. I was already impressed that she so accurately described the situation. She brought through my father and explained why I wasn’t able to connect with him in previous readings. It felt so good that I was able to connect with him this time and made me so happy knowing that he’s in a good place. He said that my mom often feels guilty because she is in a new relationship but she shouldn’t and that he likes that she is taken care of. This brought instant tears to my mom’s eyes when I delivered the message. I could tell a weight was lifted. She brought through all four of my grandparents and perfectly described and differentiated each of them. I knew which “cuddly” grandma she was referring to and she was able to distinguish my grandfathers by what I called them. Laura told me she saw a move coming up for me. At the time I wasn’t moving, but I now have a move date of Jan 31st to a new apartment. I had such a positive reading with Laura, I sent a few friends her away because I want everyone to have as great of a reading I did. I felt great in knowing that I am positioned well for what is next to come! I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who needs to a bit of guidance or a little uplifting!”                  – Lauren L. 


~ Daily Meditation Music ~

~  Hello Friends!! I enjoy sharing the different meditation music that I listen to on a daily basis. Meditation is something that should be committed to and done daily for the best outcome. It clears your aura, feeds you positive energy while taking out the negative… leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day!!
You literally FEEL better after you meditate.

Try it for a week and see how awesome you feel!! How much energy you have!!
Some people will say I don’t have the time or I am unable to concentrate. There is a lot of meditation music on YouTube that ranges from 5 minutes to a few hours long! Pick one you have time to do! Put on some headphones. light a candle/incense, surround yourself with white light (just say it to yourself for protection) and try to only focus on the music. We have 1000 thoughts that go through our head, but with practice, we can control them down to one single thought during meditation. RELAXATION!!! Sending love and light ♥









2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I met Laura Lynn at a friend’s house. I liked her a lot, right off the rip. She came across as an interesting person as she told us about her experience winning on the Wheel of Fortune. She dove into her philosophy for tapping into abundance. She believes that as long as you asked for a specific outcome from the universe and you were very specific with what you would do with the given outcome, the universe would do its best to provide your request. We all talked about the woes of the World and how messed up everything is nowadays. Laura Lynn inspired me a bit by talking about the collective shift in consciousness that has been taking place whereby people will face the decision to live their lives with love as the paramount theme or if they will not. She sees all of the turmoil in the World more as a part of this collective shift towards goodness.

    When she mentioned that she is a medium, I asked her about a spirit that I believe has been following me. I grew up in a Victorian home in front of a Civil War cemetery in Upstate New York. As a child, I had a seance for a man whom died at the age of twenty six in the mid-19th century. He was named, Walter. As children, my friend and I played with tarot cards in my room and called Walter to “come to us.” We did not understand the magnitude of what we were playing with. The next day, while riding my bike in the cemetery I discovered that Walter’s head stone was cracked in half and now lying on the ground where it had been upright the day before. Four years later, just before going to college, my boyfriend was sitting in my bedroom and claimed that he could hear a man speaking to him and said that his name is “Walter.” I have always felt Walter’s presence throughout my life. Laura Lynn started laughing when I told her about Walter. I was kind of surprised by her laughing, but she said that he is playful. She said that Walter has lived several lives and is doing his reincarnation thing. She said that if anything, I was the one attached to his spirit.

    Her response to Walter seemed pretty spot on. I did not believe that Walter was malevolent either. So, I decided to get a reading from Laura Lynn on my birthday a couple weeks later. She did a tarot spread for me. She also connected with some of my deceased family members. Her message to me came from a family member on the other side that I believe was my great grandmother, “Granny Annie” whom passed just before I was born. Granny Annie was encouraging me to seek out new work. Laura Lynn said that someone yelled “work” in her ear. The idea of shifting gears and pursuing new work comes to my mind daily and has for some time. Laura Lynn said that she could see me learning about health related topics for wellness and writing about them in “enticing” ways. After my reading, I remembered that my college chemistry professor had written me an unsolicited letter of recommendation on my behalf. The letter stated that although I was a terrible chemistry student due to my lack of mathematical ability, she believed that I could be an excellent writer by learning about complex scientific breakthroughs and explaining them in a relatable way to the public. The reading with Laura Lynn reawakened my desire to write. I am now writing every day and searching for ways to get my voice heard. I am always tuning in for more opportunities to reveal themselves.

    The final card in the tarot dealt with family discord. Laura Lynn brought up my estrangement from my immediate family. The whole reading up until that point highlighted so many positive things regarding love and career that could be coming into play in the future. Her message was to reconnect with my parents. None of the aforementioned positive changes would be possible if I did not reconnect. I was giving too much power to negativity within my family. I was creating a huge obstacle on the path to my happiness that overshadowed everything else in my life. She explained that our parents cannot help themselves. They are not trying to intentionally hurt us. They are just the product of whatever brainwashing their parents impressed upon them.

    My father was abused as a child. Another validation, Laura Lynn said that he has a lot of heaviness due to that abuse from his father. She brought up things regarding my parent’s health that validated her ability as a medium. She kept saying that my mother was complaining about her stomach. I am sure that she is because she has a stint in her stomach to conduct at home dialysis treatment. Lara Lynn kept discussing my father’s breathing. When I did reconnected with them, my father explained to me that he needed to get a new breathing machine to sleep at night. Laura Lynn saw the frustrations that I have with my parents due to their refusal to take care of their health. She urged me to realize that children cannot change parental behaviors. She encouraged me to shower them with love and light.

    The reading was powerful for me. It showed me that “problems” come from false perceptions. It is kind of like this quote from Jurassic Park II. “To a canary, a cat is a monster.” The problems that we have are more of a mirage cast from our perspective. If I can change the way I perceive my parents, then I can release the power that I perceive them to have over me. Upon using the insights in my reading, I began to see more power in myself where I had felt powerless to my family dynamic. I started to see the power that I have to create a loving, kind force in the Universe as opposed to powerlessness and fear.


  2. Thank you so Very Much for your Awesome reading. I’ve had other readings before but never ever had anything so accurate and compelling as what I just experienced. You are so gifted and talented and I felt so comfortable with you. You were like an old friend! I felt like this reading was something that I was supposed to do and the spirits were just waiting for me to come finally visit. No one else in the family does this and so I’m the only one that gives them their voice! Thank you for helping us to communicate with each other so smoothly. You really are an inspiration and an incredible lady. Thank You So Very Much !


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